Thursday, April 12, 2012

The latest schedule tweak: 763 gets it together, and Old Town is hopping

Recently, even as 582 has been stopping at the Woodpile every night, the often plagued763 seems to have a new lease on promptness. It leaves San Diego a little early, adds in a new stop at Old Town Transit Center (which is a great connection point to the San Diego trolley system AND has lots of parking), and arrives at Solana Beach 3 minutes earlier than before. But what's really remarkable is that 763 is now nearly ALWAYS on time, or even early, into Los Angeles Union Station. Plagued by tardiness no more, the latest tweak seems to have given 763 a magic slot. I, for one, am enjoying it-- getting to work on time is a good thing. Incidentally, several other trains also now stop in Old Town, so if you are a San Diego rider who had to go up to Solana Beach to park, you may want to see whether your train of interest makes an Old Town stop.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Woodpile Haiku

Every evening for the last few months, southbound Pacific Surfliner 582 (the 4.10 departure from LA) comes to a sighing stop at the woodpile just south of San Juan Capistrano. Despite all our tweets,and a recent schedule tweak, it sits there waiting for the Northbound 785 for 10 or 20 minutes.

I've taken to writing Haiku.

Silver wheels now still
As @Pacsurfliners train stops
Yet time keeps moving

Remember Haiku is supposed to have a twist in it, as you compare two unlike things.

Metal rails stretch
into the distance
yet we stop by the wood

The themes are obviously limited, but at least it amuses me.