Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The naming of things

It took me awhile after I started riding the surfliner to realize that the cars were named, and that the names had a pattern.  Of course, first of all, they are all California place names.  Second, they correspond to the type of car named. For example, the Business Class Car is always named for a Park, the Cafe car is named for a Canyon, and the regular cars are named for Beaches.  The three Superliner cars that are repainted in Surfliner colors are named Sequoia Grove, Redwood Grove, and Sycamore Grove.

And, proving that someone at Amtrak has a sense of humor, the cab cars are named for Points.  Point, get it?  Since half the time, the Cab Car leads the train (being pushed by the locomotive).

Here are three of them.  Collect them all!  Post the names of any others in the comments.  :-)