Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Amfleet Cabbage: we may be safe yet!

A helpful Anonymous commenting in an earlier thread fills us in on the Amfleets:
Additionally, there are 9 trainsets; 7 Bilevel (Surfliner) sets and 2 single-level (Amfleet) sets. The Amfleet sets work opposite each other on a two-day cycle which does trains (1)761-(1)790-599(565 on weekends)-572-583. Unless things get haywire they shouldn't be on 763, 784, 580, or 582 at all this year.
Yay!  That means as long as I stay off the "express" (599), I should be able to avoid the Amfleet trainset.  Speaking on behalf of my fellow commuters, thanks for this news, Anon!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Imitation is flattery? Maybe not so much

There is someone taking the material I write on this blog and posting it to a Rancho Santa Fe digital press.   While imitation is said to be flattery, passing off someone else's work without formal attribution is called "Plagiarism".  And without permission, it's just rude.  

So, if you are coming to this blog from "Ah-Ha Rancho Santa Fe News", welcome. Look around a bit.  Say "hi" in the comments.  But don't quote me without attribution, and you may want to review the standard copyright policies on "fair use".

How many are there? (updated)

Last time we discussed the fact that the cab cars all have names, and those names are all geographic points in California.

Here are the ones collected so far:

Point Buchon
Point Conception
Point Dume
Point Estero
Pointe Hueneme
Point Loma
Point Mugu
Point Piedras Blancas
Point San Luis
Point Sur
Point Vicente

(Updated) We've now got all 11, according to a helpful commenter.