Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How many are there? (updated)

Last time we discussed the fact that the cab cars all have names, and those names are all geographic points in California.

Here are the ones collected so far:

Point Buchon
Point Conception
Point Dume
Point Estero
Pointe Hueneme
Point Loma
Point Mugu
Point Piedras Blancas
Point San Luis
Point Sur
Point Vicente

(Updated) We've now got all 11, according to a helpful commenter.


Anonymous said...

Point Dume

Anonymous said...

There were 12 Cab cars when they first ordered them (Amtrak owns 6900-6908, and CalTrans owns 6951-6953), however about 10 years ago the 6902 was involved in a collision with a minivan, which caught fire and burnt half the cab car to a crisp in the process, thus that one has been retired and there are now only 11 cab cars. 6902 never received a name, as the naming was only done about five years ago, so you should have all 11 names.

Anonymous said...

Additionally, there are 9 trainsets; 7 Bilevel (Surfliner) sets and 2 single-level (Amfleet) sets. The Amfleet sets work opposite each other on a two-day cycle which does trains (1)761-(1)790-599(565 on weekends)-572-583. Unless things get haywire they shouldn't be on 763, 784, 580, or 582 at all this year.

IT said...

Thanks, Anon. (Yet another reason not to take the 599 "Express"!)

So if there are 7 Surfliner sets, that means at any one time 4 cab cars are not in service?


Anonymous said...

You're welcome. Management decided to cycle the Amfleets on those trains because they're some of the lightest trains, and 599 makes fewer stops, so they lose less time screwing with the stairs and narrow doors.

IT said...

Makes sense to me. As long as I generally don't see them, I'm happy!

Robert Simpson said...

They are in the "point" series because they run on the "point" of the trains. Clever.

Sandy at

IT said...

Yes, that's what we noted in the previous post.