Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Amfleet Cabbage: we may be safe yet!

A helpful Anonymous commenting in an earlier thread fills us in on the Amfleets:
Additionally, there are 9 trainsets; 7 Bilevel (Surfliner) sets and 2 single-level (Amfleet) sets. The Amfleet sets work opposite each other on a two-day cycle which does trains (1)761-(1)790-599(565 on weekends)-572-583. Unless things get haywire they shouldn't be on 763, 784, 580, or 582 at all this year.
Yay!  That means as long as I stay off the "express" (599), I should be able to avoid the Amfleet trainset.  Speaking on behalf of my fellow commuters, thanks for this news, Anon!


Derek said...

Great Blog! I am thinking of commuting from San Diego to Irvine via the Amtrak trains and wanted to get your opinions on this. How reliable is Amtraks service for this and are there advertised times accurate? Does the WIFI still work well enough to do email and simple tasks? How bumpy is the ride and is it easy to do work on a computer?


IT said...

Hi Derek,
Sorry for the delay in response. In answer to your questions:

Despite our complaints, Amtrak is generally within about 10 minutes of scheduled time, especially in the AM.

There is wireless on the train which is fine for email and simple browsing.

The train is a little bumpy at times bu the seats are large and comfortable, there are power plugs, and there isa cafe car for pre-work coffee or post-work beer (STONE beer, too!)

I've been doing San Diego-LA daily for over 2 years (before that, it was weekly) and it works well for me.