Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gays on a Train!

I don't usually bring politics over here but....apparently Amtrak is putting some advertising dollars into GLBT media, and the anti-gay folks are outraged. (Never mind that travelling gays have dollars to spend, and isn't that what a company should pursue?)

Speaking as a GLBT person, who has met a number of GLBT people on the rails, this cracks me up. Hello? We're here too! I wonder if those conservatives ever wonder who is sitting next to them?


greg said...

I'm ride the 763 and the 784 M-F. Perhaps we have met?

IT said...

Possibly--I'm on the 763 and 582.

Anonymous said...

Um,, have you ever thought that it's more likely that so-called *liberals* would object to "gays" sitting next to them than conservatives?

Nice way to inject some name-calling into your blog.


IT said...

Actually, no I haven't. I've met very few anti-gay liberals and very few pro-gay conservatives.

Not sure how calling someone a "conservative" is name calling, in any case.

(On the whole i thought this was a very temperate post. You should read my other blogs!)

But thanks for stopping by--and letting us know what you think of the gays.