Thursday, January 5, 2012

Schedule Changes: the commuter's view

Yes, there is a schedule change coming! But you wouldn't know it because Amtrak isn't telling you. Given it's a mere 4 days away, this seems--unfortunate. Not sure what the point is of their social media accounts since they never actually tell you what's going on.

Good for us that @Rail_Tweet and his gang have the inside info, down there in the cafe car, and send out the news by tweets.

And, fortunately the automated ticketing system has the new schedule in place. (Which makes it even more incomprehensible that they haven't put it on line as a timetable somewhere).

For those of us commuting between San Diego County and LA, the morning trains are only different by a minute or two (though the #563 "express" is now #599).

There are bigger changes for the afternoon trip back from LA Union Station. Train 578, the 2pm departure from LA, is now train 580, departing at 3.05.

Train 582 (4.10pm) and Train 784 (5.10pm) remain.

But train 592 (8.30pm) is now replaced by train 790 departing at 7.30pm.

 Now, do notice that this is a 700-number train, which means it's coming down from Santa Barbara, and thus will be more prone to delays. It appears to replace the former train 798, which connected with 592. If you miss #790, the next train is the last train of the night, the 10.10pm departure.


Anonymous said...

Also, according to the rumors I've heard, the new schedule will herald the return of the single level train and cabbage car to a regular one-day rotation which will include 582 (meaning you'd have it EVERY day). You might want to look into taking that 784 daily now...

e said...

A question from a visitor from Kansas. I am in San Diego,and my wife is coming up Tuesday. We plan on spending 5 days roaming the CA coast. If we got $159 California passes, could we buy tickets without a lot of advance notice? For example, we might want to buy a ticket the evening before, or even less notice for a midday train. Thanks! Eric

IT said...

Hi Eric, I am sorry I missed this-- the surfliners trains are generally unreserved so it shouldn't be a problem, but i don't know how it works with the passes!