Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New schedule: Good bye Express, Hello Coaster?

April 1st (no foolin') brought a new Surfliner schedule.  Fortunately, someone on Twitter linked to it on Sunday night, which led me to discover that the 599 express is no more, replaced by the 565.  Seems ridership is down and people were frustrated at missing stops.  Well, thanks for warning me, Amtrak. At least I found out in time to to catch the 763 on Monday morning, leaving 1 hour earlier than i wanted.

 I remember the bad old days before the express, when the scheduled 9.50 arrival of the 565 was usually closer to 10.15. This generally meant I missed my shuttle, and had to resort to Metro to get to work--much longer.  The express, with its 9.35 arrival, was workable for me 2 days a week.  Now, I have to catch the 763 instead, which means getting up at 5.40 every morning.  So, I'm not happy about this.

The other big change is that the evening trains (from the 784 on) are scheduled to make Coaster stops--that would be the San Diego County commuter service, hitting stations like Carlsbad, Poinsettia, and Encinitas.  However, according to my Twitter pals, that did not happen last night, and rumor is that the contract hasn't been worked out.  I'll be on the 784 on Weds so I'll see what happens.

coming up soon:  a photo esssay on the locomotives of the Panama canal!

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