Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Birthday LA Union Station! (photos)

Celebrating 75 years this year, LA Union Station is getting a cosmetic makeover.

They've moved the arrivals/departures board into two boards in the lounge,

The big board is gone, new lighting and detail 

At last, modern board!

The plyboard that blocked the old ticket hall has been removed so you can see it and all its detail

Love the old ticket hall, which features in movies!
The only weird thing is that they have compressed all the seating into half of the departure hall, and cordoned it off with a guard to watch -- you have to have an Amtrak or Metrolink ticket departing in 2 hours to sit down now. NOt sure what they plan to do with all the open space.
Departures.  Seating on the left, lots of space on the right

And wouldn't it be cool if that old art deco restaurant across the courtyard could reopen.  Meanwhile Traxx restaurant is doing well-- I had dinner there a few weeks ago, and it was quite good!

The view from the bar to the unused restaurant

The old Harvey restaurant is across a small courtyard from the Bar.  Taken through the glass.  Read more here!

never noticed the detail over the door to the bar

The tunnel has been improved with paint, bright photographs and new platform signs in Art Deco font. And there are finally meaningful departure boards for EACH track, plus much better direction signage to the transit plaza, buses, main  station, Metro etc.

Tunnel is all spiffed up

Most of the platforms ahve new signage (except for platform 6, tracks 11-12)

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Eric said...

Possibly the seat removal is temporary for Saturday's events and that the original seats will be put back afterwards